PESERA-L  rel. 1.3 (64bit)
( 22 November 2015)

Lorenzo Borselli
Instituto de Geologia / Fac. De Ingenieria 
Universitad Autonoma de San Luis Potosě
(UASLP) , 
Av. Dr. Manuel Nava 5, 
78240 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. - MEXICO

Special credits to:

Piernicola Lollino
CNR-IRPI, Bari, Italy

Proyecto Ciencia Basica CB-2012/184060

PESERA-L model:
An addendum to the PESERA model
 for Sediment Yield due to shallow mass movement in a watershed

  PESERA-L  rel. 1.3 (64bit)



PESERA-L is a Full Freeware Software available for the scientific community

The aim of this software is
calculate the
sediment yield contribution due to shallow landslidein a watersheed. The PESERA-L model is released as a freeware software for the scientific community. PESERA-L has been designed to operate as additional unit to well know PESERA model framework. Any way PESERA-L can operate independently for assesment of landslide degree of instability, Sediment yield, and degree of degradation by landslide assessment. PESERA-L operates (both input and output file) with common ASCII grid files (common ARCGIS, ASCII grid raster file format) and ASCII text file (CVS format) structured for an easy exchange with EXCEL spreadsheet.

The latest PESERA-L package  can be downloaded in this page:

DOWNLOAD  PESERA-L full package (30 MB) as portable aplication:  HERE
and preliminary documentation  (0.6 MB)

PESERA-L uses GNUPLOT 5.1 Package for graphic rendering of Rastere Maps.
GNUPLOT 5.1 is included in the PESERA-L portable full package.

PESERA-L  run only on WINDOWS 64bit architectures ( mostly WIN 8.1 and WIN 10)

references on Pesera-L software:

This software is released as FREEWARE for the scientific community.
This imply that is released and  downloadable  for free, but without warranties .
The author of this software  wants acknowledge  the  peoples that with their testing activities and suggestions  helped us to improve the performance  of PESERA-L. 
All the Suggestions from the users are welcomed  and greatly appreciated.

developed with:
Code Typhon 5.5  and    Free Pascal 3.1   

PESERA-L  has been realised entirely in Object Pascal programming language,
 using FPC compiler, (rel. 3.1),  Code Typhon 5.5   
and GDB  debugger
  special credits to GNUPLOT team

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