KUERY   1.5
( january 2018 )

Lorenzo Borselli  
Instituto de Geologia / Fac. De Ingenieria 
Universitad Autonoma de San Luis Potosě
(UASLP) , 
Av. Dr. Manuel Nava 5, 
78240 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. - MEXICO


Special credits to:

Dino Torri
(CNR, Italy)

Jean Poesen (KULEUVEN, Belgium)

Pasquale Iaquinta
(CNR, Italy)

Global Soil Erodibility Database Query

  KUERY 1.5 

Win 64bit edition


KUERY 1.5 is a Full Freeware Software available for the scientific community.
The aim of this software is
calculate the frequency distributions of the soil erodibility values (K) observed for given textural, organic matter and climate data. The user of the algorithm will finally have the possibility to decide, on the basis of local knowledge, which values to use.
( see reference below..)

The latest KUERY  package  can be downloaded in this page:

DOWNLOAD  KUERY full package (0.8 MB)  in a Zip file Kuery_package
1) Please download the .ZIP file, and decompress it in a directory without open spaces in the name. ( e.g. C:\KUERY )
KUERY 1.5 requires Windows  7,8x,10 and 64bit processors
Here thre is a preliminary documentation  (1.0 MB)

references on KUERY software

  • Borselli l. , Torri D. , Poesen J., Iaquinta P. 2012. A robust algorithm for estimating soil erodibility in different climates. CATENA  97:85-94 DOI: 10.1016/j.catena.2012.05.012
  • Borselli L., Cassi P.,Salvador Sanchis P.. (2009). Soil Erodibility Assessment for Applications at Watershed Scale. In "Manual of Methods for Soil and Land Evaluation", Edoardo A.C. Costantini ed., Science Publisher Inc., 600 pages. ISBN 978-1-57808-571-2/November 2009
  • Salvador Sanchis M.P., Torri D., Borselli L., and Poesen J., 2008. Climate Effects on Soil Erodibility. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 33(7):1082 - 1097. DOI: 10. 1002/esp.1604
  • Torri, D., Poesen, J. & Borselli L. (1997). Predictability and uncertainty of the soil erodibility factor using a global dataset. Catena, 31 (1/2):1-22.
  • Torri, D., Poesen, J. & Borselli L. (2002). Corrigendum to "Predictability and uncertainty of the soil erodibility factor using a global dataset". Catena 46:309-310

This software is released as FREEWARE for the scientific community.
This imply that is released and  downloadable  for free, but without warranties .
The author of this software  wants acknowledge  the  peoples that with their testing activities and suggestions  helped us to improve the performance  of  KUERY. 
All the Suggestions from the users are welcomed  and greatly appreciated.

  Lazarus 1.8  and    Free Pascal 3.04   

KUERY  has been realised entirely in Object Pascal programming language,
 using FPC compiler, (rel. 3.04), Lazarus (1.8)   
and GDB  debugger

        Last update  16/01/2018- by L.B